Wild camping sussex coast

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Our self-esteem is dented further when we see a middle-aged couple striding happily in the opposite direction.They’re finishing the South Downs Way, and bouncing along with the vigour of Athenian Gods.In the shadow of Mount Snowdon, one is an "off grid bunkhouse" that allows students to really know what it feels like to live without many standard comforts that they may be used to at home.Our other two sites offer similar facilities but with all modern conveniences. I meet Dave at Victoria Station on a Thursday afternoon and it’s clear, within two minutes, that he’s not impressed by my choice of rucksack, which is resting on the floor between us. Immediately, I see his bag looks like the bag of someone who knows what they’re doing. There’s a waist-belt, a drinking tube sticking out the top of it, and a sleeping bag attached to the bottom. We mark out potential spots for wild camping, and discuss how far we can realistically walk in 48 hours. Dave’s brought a map, a compass, a navigational guide for the South Downs Way, a gas canister, and a spare water pouch for me. We hop on the train to Eastbourne, and examine the hiking route we’ll be taking.Our offices are situated immediately behind Brighton Railway Station in a modern and vibrant part of the city, just a few short minutes walk from the city centre, its shops, amazing restaurants and the beach.

We have three sites that are ideally situated for activities in and around the Snowdonia National Park.Students truly get to test their survival skills usually developed with us on previous courses.They finish with supreme confidence in the skills they have developed, together with a desire and ability to become great leaders at school and in the community.Nothing, I figured, could go wrong if I went wild camping with a man called Dave. This was going to be camping without rules, restrictions, and, perhaps most significantly, tents. Apprehension gives way to excitement, and I start to relish the potential freedom and escapism that lies ahead.

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