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Why does the fact that the word exists create so much fear and antipathy in you, and why have you confused this extreme resentment with a state of “not caring”?

Be willing to spend some time with these questions that unsettle you, and be honest about the fact that you Q.

I fear having a gun in our home could lead to a tragic accident, such as a friend entering our home and being mistaken as an intruder.

I also fear that if, God forbid, I actually need to use the gun to protect myself, I would freeze up and not be able to use it, and have the tables turned on me.

If that’s a line you think you need to draw, then do so.In fact, I’d be just as happy not knowing, because I just don’t care.Am I wrong that it seems we are bending too far in the opposite direction to make up for persecution in the past, to the point where the majority of us will have to refer to ourselves as non-LGBTQ?a condition that has heretofore been thought of as a reflexive, natural state of being that did not require any sort of identification or examination.(Much in the same way that heterosexual people once resented being identified as being “heterosexual” or having an identifiable sexuality of any kind, rather than simply “normal.”) You seem to envision a future in which the majority will “have to” refer to themselves as non-LGBTQ (namely, a future in which you seem to fear a majority may get treated as a minority). What upsets or unsettles you at the prospect of naming your own gender identity?

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