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Additional Genealogy Equipment Many genealogy enthusiasts need additional equipment for building their family trees.

For example, digital audio recorders, such as those we reviewed here, allow you to record your living relatives sharing stories and information about their lives and their family members, which you can then enter into a family search site or pedigree chart. While there are billions of resources online, sometimes you may have the only physical record available, such as a pedigree chart in an old family Bible or an early christening record.

Discovering where you come from and the stories of your ancestors is like being a part of your own personal detective story.

Genealogy websites help you find your family members by connecting you to verified resources for information such as birth, marriage and death dates.

However, Family Search does have an easy online program where you can add your findings to a family tree and save it there.

This means that, on top of purchasing a subscription to this site, you also need to subscribe to another site in order to view the primary source.

Family Search Tools In addition to searching for family history records, we looked at the tools that help you organize and save this information, connect with existing family files, and share your findings with family members and other genealogy enthusiasts.

This makes it easy to find information and immediately populate your pedigree chart with it.

Creating GEDCOM files is necessary if you decide to forgo the online family tree and import the information to a genealogy program on your desktop.

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