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For now, the two are happy where they are, and have no plans to get married just yet. There were rumors that Pompeii co-stars Kit Harington and Emily Browning were dating.

Their chemistry in the film was so palpable that fans hoped it would translate in real life.

CDs for all 6 lessons –Plus two Smart Love Workbooks with exercises, insights and practical information to reinforce what is being learned and equip young adults to handle many of today’s most pressing and complicated dating issues.

There’ve been so many cases of sexual harassment in the news lately, that it’ll likely scare people from approaching each other.

It contains all six lessons in easy-to-use format so any presenter can pick up the notes and begin immediately.

Dynamic and captivating power point is included with the manual for all six lessons.

We designed the card to resemble a prescription slip you might get from the doctor.

Fans all over the world want to know who the actor’s girlfriend is in real life. Keep reading to find out with our and Jon Snow’s lover.

Game of Thrones undoubtedly has a large fan following.

People across the world love the show and are curious to know every single detail about each character —both on-screen, and in real life.

Despite years of government funding on programs advocating the use of contraception, these two problems have continued to grow significantly.

Most young people have had little instruction in how to date smart and yet are expected to make brilliant choices.

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