The rules of texting and dating

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"They 'parentify' their partner, sneaking around behind their backs, rebelling against the 'rules' of a committed partnership.

These second adolescents are looking for separation and individuation, but want someone at home to make them feel secure." If someone's cheating, they may have an issue with empathy.

I am sure some guys try it with girls that dump them too, but in general I think women struggle with cutting ties more than men.

That can mean sexual needs — but it often means someone's emotional needs aren't being addressed. Paulette Sherman, psychologist, author of Dating from the Inside Out and director of My Dating & Relationship School agrees: “If someone feels like their partner doesn't care about their emotional needs or what's happening with them on a daily basis anymore, they might try to find someone who appears more interested and excited about them.”That said, it’s not on you to be his mind reader — it's on him to be an equally communicative partner.

If expressing needs and desires is difficult for him, it may be time for him to explore why with the help of a therapist.

"Many men may start to feel old and worry that life and adventure is behind them.

This is something that we all know instinctively, whether or not we admit it to ourselves in the face of a failed relationship.

Trying to be "friends" is a recently-dumped female's way of saying "I am not ready to let go." However, in some occasions, the male ending the relationship will suggest it.

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