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Since I began working on this website, I have contacted Mr. Fifty years have passed and these memories still bring on emotions that survive to this day. Del Valle developed a legislative scheme in 1885 to allow those in Los Angeles to make their own decisions, rather than have decisions made by people at the normal school in San Jose. He retired after the 1886 session, and in the following year, his proposal finally was enacted, carried by Assemblyman John Brierly.

I hear them laugh and hear them cry and I am grateful and honored to be able to get to know these humble, yet very proud men. The normal school provided the only access to publicly financed postsecondary education in the southern region but was limited by being only a teacher's training college.

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Time is no longer an ally, and it would be a pity if the pictures and stories that these men can tell fade into the past without a chance to be heard by future generations. My grandfather lived in what was the "country" back then. If it were not for del Valle, there would not have been the Los Angeles State Normal School to serve the institutional platform from which the UCLA campus grew and developed, Hayes-Bautista says.My grandfather, and others like him, never considered himself a hero, and thus, hesitated to speak about his wartime exploits. Hernandez was born on July 4, 1944, while my grandfather was "flying the Hump" into China. Del Valle spent years in the state legislature securing the establishment, funding and winning of independent governance for the Los Angeles State Normal School, Hayes-Bautista says.I was able to glean a few stories from him before he passed away, and they instilled, in me, a great pride. My grandfather had the waist gun on this mission and the crew had to bail out on the way back! On July 11, 1944 he was "loaned" to the 14th AF, during the monsoon season. This plane would later be the subject of a "ABC 20/20" news program when it was found on the side of a mountain in China some fifty years after its crash. July 14 - Yochow (China) Paluchi Airdrome - night - got lost - No. It is commendable for a legislator to be so dedicated to such an important cause and succeed.His subject matter focuses on his surroundings and the human social condition.He brilliantly depicts pathos and humor in scenes from everyday life.

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