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Copyright 2017 Media Corp Pte Ltd | All Rights Reserved Four of the biggest manufacturers of electrical components here have been fined a record S.5m in total by the Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS), after they were found to have colluded with a fifth company — Panasonic Industrial Devices (Singapore and Malaysia) — to fix prices and collectively reject requests from customers for price reductions.

The five companies — Panasonic, ELNA Electronics, Nichicon Singapore, Rubycon Singapore and Singapore Chemi-con (SCC) — are all headquartered in Japan.

The criminal case proceeded to court after all parties involved in the case could not reach a settlement following the filing of a Magistrate’s Complaint.Mr Gane had voiced concerns over the “overt sales” of set-top boxes in malls and IT fairs.This, he said, is rarely seen “in such volume” in other parts of the region.Apart from content producers, rights owners of different industries — such as fashion houses or drinks manufacturers for example — have been known to cooperate with one another to bring prosecution against alleged offenders, said Mr Gilbert Leong, a lawyer from Dentons Rodyk.“It shows that as an industry, they are concerned,” he added.

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