International dating scams in the uk nuchal scan vs dating scan

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By buying fake goods you could be helping fund crime and also putting your health at risk.

Read our guides to stay safe and avoid the con artists attempting to sell dodgy goods.

In each case the crime gang would have already received a fee from the intended recipient.

Fake passports and other documents were also recovered, said Soca.

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Online dating fraud The operation was launched to tackle the growing problem of people being conned through this type of fraudulent activity, which comes in a variety of different ways such as e-mail, letter or telephone.

Cold calls are phone calls from companies trying to sell you something, even though they have had no business with you previously.

Cold calls aren’t usually illegal and don’t necessarily count as a scam although they can be annoying, frustrating and even frightening.

Agencies from the US, UK, Netherlands , Nigeria, Spain and Canada have been co-ordinating efforts because neither all the victims nor the perpetrators live in one country.

The partnership has identified thousands of bank accounts used in the frauds, according to officials.

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