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"Networking and relationship building are critical skills today." 9.

Get social "Become a social networking junkie--not to just pass time socially, but to collect a huge amount of contacts and to build solid relationships that would be valuable to a prospective employer," says Block.

After you get your financial-services job, say, the company may urgently need someone to take photos at an investor event--and you'll be able to save the day.) 4. You could turn a hobby into a volunteer opportunity--for instance, if you enjoy playing the piano, you could schedule song nights at a local retirement center.

"Employers want knowledge workers with top skills in the areas of technology, social media, communication, leadership, coaching, budgeting, marketing, and global commerce." (In addition, "fun" classes--like photography--may come in handy in surprising ways. And even if your side business doesn't become lucrative, your entrepreneurial initiative may impress the hiring managers in your future. Volunteer Jay Block, the author of "101 Best Ways to Land a Job in Troubled Times," recommends volunteering as a way to gain confidence and strengthen your resume: You could volunteer to teach what you know--for instance, if you're good at sales, an organization like Junior Achievement might be a good fit.

Recruiters will not look you up; they'll move on to the next candidate.

Be sure every resume you send has your correct contact information, including name, phone number, email address and street address.

Being unable to explain how your strengths and abilities apply to the job in question.16. Failing to listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying. Be sure to pay close attention to those buzzwords related to your field.

Being unprepared to answer the standard questions.22. Manger is a correctly spelled word, but it means something very different from manager.

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Neglecting to match the communication style of your interviewer. Douglas Scott & Associates, this directly reflects your reputation.

It always helps to continue your education and training and to list any volunteer work during a slow period, says Bradley.

If you have gaps, explain them either in your cover letter or introduction, but not in your resume.

Or, suggests Block, you could offer to write a column for a free local newspaper.

Or you could even travel to an area that could use your help or skills--for instance, to work with Habitat for Humanity. Write Many career experts suggest developing a blog that focuses on a hobby or your industry.

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