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The king has declared that all citizens are born Sunni Muslims, and Islam is an important part of everyday ritual life.

The Moroccan government is a constitutional monarchy, with a very powerful king.

It is this mix of European and Arab influence, loyalty to the king and a strong Islamic base, that creates the uniquely Moroccan identity. Morocco is slightly larger than the state of California, covering approximately 174,000 square miles (447,000 square kilometers), and lies in northern Africa just south of the Strait of Gibraltar.

In the southwestern oasis and the Anti-Atlas region, the dialect may be called Soussi, Celha, Tashelhait, or Chleuh.Spanish is widely spoken in the northern parts of the country, and English is commonly spoken to international tourists.Multi-lingualism exists to such a degree that Moroccans may switch from one language to another midsentence. Perhaps the most famous city in Morocco is Casablanca.The countries of the Maghrib share many common historical and cultural features.All have indigenous Berber populations and a strong Islamic base.

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