Dating an over the road truck driver

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It also comes with a freer-flowing muffler wearing a chrome tip.

That seems to slot it into a genus of docile leviathans known for nesting around soccer fields and shopping malls.At the core is the familiar 5.9-liter Magnum V-8 puffed up in the R/T by 5 hp and 15 pound-feet of torque to 250 hp at 4200 rpm and 350 pound-feet at 3000 rpm.The power increase is due mainly to some software rewrites in the engine module with the end result being more aggressive ignition timing.The R/T pounces off the line when all that torque is sluiced through the low-geared rear end, but forget hazing the spectators with tire smoke.The driveline, which doubles as the Jeep Grand Cherokee's base Selec-Trac system with a lock-able low range, has a fixed 48 percent front and 52 percent rear torque split that keeps all the paws firmly planted on the bitumen.

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