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Dear Free-Range Kids: Since all three kids are now back from the various camps they’ve attended this summer, I’ve been doing some reflection.

I don’t recall summer camps being nearly as overprotective when I was a kid.

The one exception is if you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, you “only” have to wake up a “buddy” to go with you (and this included the camps where they slept in a cabin/lodge that had a bathroom right in it). At the Y camp they attended later in the summer, you had to wake up the counselor and *two* other people to use the bathroom at night.

I tell you, if I were a counselor, the first time someone woke me up to use the bathroom, they would *all* be getting up and using the bathroom.

And then my fifteen year old went to science camp at the University of Illinois where it was stated upfront that never would the girls (it was an all girls camp) be allowed out of the dorms without counselor supervision.

The whole program had to troop everywhere together – to classes, out for evening entertainment, you name it.

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Please let us know what new security precautions your kids had at camp, and if you have come up with a way to fight back the ones that don’t make sense.

When I was twelve through fourteen I attended a music camp at U of I and we *had* to be on our own.

We didn’t even have counselors, just RAs like the university students have in the dorms.

The first step is trying to dial back the idea that kids are in constant danger so they need constant supervision.

Then it’s insisting that the insurance companies accept the idea that not all accidents can be prevented. And so is the perception that insurance and/or laws DO forbid unsupervised time, even for kids who are 15.

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