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It is a little confusing because after you graduate, you probably will write one check to the lender each month to pay for the entire amount you borrowed.

As long as you make the payments on time and in full, the multiple student loans showing on your credit report will not have any negative effect on your ability to get new credit.

Having more accounts is not automatically a negative factor in your credit history.

For such installment loans, the important factors are how much total debt you owe and, of course, most importantly if you have missed any payments. It can be helpful if you have education debt from multiple lenders or student loan guaranty companies.

From dealing with the massive amount of tuition to the extra money you have to dish out for textbooks, your bill can be pretty big.

Luckily there are plenty of loan options you can pick from to assist you with funding your college education, such as federal programs and private loans from the bank.

When you decide to consolidate your loans, you will have one set interest rate.

This can be problematic if you are stuck with a high one, especially if rates are starting to lower after you already secured one.

Under certain circumstances, federally backed student loans – such as Direct Subsidized Loans and Federal Perkins Loans – can be discharged or forgiven.With individual loans, you will have a shorter time frame to pay back your debt, depending on who your lender is.Consolidated loans give you more time, which in turn will lower the amount you have to pay every month.When you are looking at these options, you should start to consider how you will be paying everything back.These loans typically add up to be thousands of dollars, so chances are, you'll be paying them back for a number of years.

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