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Among the Americans in the photograph are George W. His body was laid on a sloped olive-sheeted catafalque and his head propped on a stack of three gold pillows.

Near the catafalque was a wooden crucifix and a paschal candle symbolic of Jesus Christ as the light of the world in the face of darkness and death.

On 4 April, the body of John Paul II was moved onto a red velvet catafalque, with his head propped on three red pillows.

The Archbishop of Canterbury (then Rowan Williams), was also present at the papal funeral, the first time since the Church of England broke with the Catholic Church in the 16th century.

A white zucchetto and a white bishop's mitre adorned John Paul II's head.

In his arm rested Paul VI's pastoral cross-staff, used by popes in place of the crozier. At first, he lay in state in his favourite pair of Polish-made brown leather shoes, size 44-1/2, which he wore on his travels throughout the world.

While his predecessors had been embalmed after death, the Vatican claimed that Pope John Paul II was not embalmed and lay in state without normal treatment for preservation, which is evident by the grey colour taken on by the body.

Also, it was customary for popes to have their organs removed after death.

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