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Let’s check out few details of Rocket Capsule, a tablet to boost sexual power & energy of both men & women.but since there ARE photos in this post (lol) feel free to skip ahead, I suppose. In the desert, with buildings that blend in with the sand, you’ll see painted elephants in the streets and ATM’s that are constantly out of money (this happens more often than you’d think! Mostly vegetarian, the food is superb and the shopping is even better (including great deals on, looking at the men with bright turbans smoking charas in a chillum (like the guy below) or drinking opium tea along side the road, I came across a “Government Approved” Bhang Lassi shop.On menus across Rajasthan, Bhang Lassi is referred to as “special lassi”.If you are not getting Rocket Capsule in your locality then please call & inform Kolkata’s Deb Marketing by dialing 033-3985-2488 phone contact number.Before I tell you my tips on how to drink bhang lassi, I want to paint a little picture of Rajasthan… Like you’re really far out there and no one can find you. It’s quite touristy, but as I’ve said before, Who Cares!?

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